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“Indus Valley” , the Organic Ayurvedic Cosmetic brand has been offering natural, extra-safe, side-effects free solutions for all your beauty requirements. Whether its skin care products or hair care cosmetic essentials, Indus Valley is known for offering the best natural and organic beauty products.
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Chemical hair colors are often the reasons of severe allergies as well as health risks. With a motivation to offer you the best side-effects free natural coloring, Indus Valley has the best natural 100% Botanical solution for your hair color problems.

Herbal gel hair color

A 21st Century Revolutionary Hair Color is an exclusive herbal base product enriched with the goodness of several herbs. This 90% Natural hair color does not contain harmful toxic chemicals or heavy metals like Ammonia, PPD, Hydrogen Peroxide or Barium etc..


Professional Bio Color in herbs get sticked to the hair shaft and, do not alter the natural pigmentation in hair. It has a soft, gentle, natural, and durable conditioning effect. Herbs colour the hair sheath and so gives them more volume and more resilient.

  • A Quick Glance Through Our Natural Ingredients

Indus Valley believing in the motto of offering the safest products uses all ingredients that are Halal certified. Moreover some of the components are absolutely grown organic without the usage of any sort of chemicals or pesticides. These herbal ingredients not only help in coloring your hair, but also provide required nutrition to the hair strands. Damage-free and herbal in nature our products help in making your hair and skin more beautiful and healthy.

chamomile herb


Chamomile is known to provide proper nourishment to the hair and thus, helps to treat dull hair problems by its conditioning properties.
henna herb


Chamomile is known to provide proper nourishment to the hair and thus, helps to treat dull hair problems by its conditioning properties.
indigo herb


Indigo herb when dried and the powdered form that is derived acts as a great agent for hair dye in the most natural manner and it is also extremely beneficial for the hair.
amla herb


A certified Organic herb that is considered to be the superfood for hair due to its nutritional properties which keeps your hair healthy and nourished.
orange herb


Orange helps to prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair from the roots that reduces damage to a great extent and also helps to fight dandruff.
rubia herb


Rubia works as a natural hair dye that provides pink to red coloration for hair and also helps to detoxify and condition the hair with its natural goodness.
  • Certifications

All manufacturing facilities of “Indus Valley” are certified and acknowledged by ECOCERT, GMP, ISO 9001:2008. With global certifications from prominent bodies like ECOCERT, USDA Organic, India Organic, Bio Natural and Halal, our products are safe and often recommended by dermatologists.

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Bio Natural

Certified above 90% Natural
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USDA Organic

Organic Certified Products
Bio Certified Manufacturing Factory

Eco Cert

Bio (Organic) Certified Manufacturing Factory
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ISO 9001: 2008

An ISO 2008 Company
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India Organic

Certified Organic Products
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Hypoallergenic Products
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